Top 4 PowerShell commands

PowerShell is Microsoft’s expandable open source automation tool. Initially, PowerShell was used as a Windows component called Windows PowerShell on August 2016. Later it became an integral component of the system. All administrative tasks are usually performed using cmdlets [⇨], which are specialized .NET classes. This device combines the speed […]

Free site protection with Let’s Encrypt

Protection takes a very important role in the development of sites. People have experience of being exposed to external threats from intruders who are ready to steal personal data, important information and other resources from your site. Content, business, customers are all important factors, but the protection of the site […]

How To Use Hosts File to Test Websites on Windows

Host files are called special files on a workstation computer. This file stores and contains absolutely all information about the IP address and domain name. This file is checked before DNS. and if you put an entry in this file, it will replace everything that is set in DNS. This […]

Top 3 Free Plugins To Improve WordPress

Especially popular in the development of the site today, it is observed on WordPress. Creating a website is now much easier and more accessible, because constantly new releases of this CMS make it really convenient for work. In addition, today there are a large number of plug-ins to improve the […]

How To Install Apache2 on Ubuntu 18.04

About The Most Popular Web Service Web Service Apache2 is the most popular today. This software with the source code, is a web server that successfully provides about 46% of sites all over the world today! Its official name is Apache HTTP Server. The Apache Software Foundation actively develops and […]

How To Install NGINX on Ubuntu 18.04

NGINX – is Web server, which is inherent in open source. It has very powerful features that balance the load of reverse proxy and caching. Initially, it was designed to solve the problem of scaling and concurrency with existing web servers. We will consider the installation of this web server […]

KVM Virtualization: Features and Benefits

HOSTRY virtual servers have KVM virtualization. We will look at it in more detail in order to show its main features and advantages in using. Choosing our servers you can be sure that you get a part of the server machine completely in your management and administration and at a […]