KVM Virtualization: Features and Benefits

HOSTRY virtual servers have KVM virtualization. We will look at it in more detail in order to show its main features and advantages in using. Choosing our servers you can be sure that you get a part of the server machine completely in your management and administration and at a very reasonable price!


KVM is a virtualization technology that calls the user to create practically his own analogue of a dedicated server. Each service on this virtualization is completely separately isolated from the other and has its own operating system kernel.
From the outset, KVM supported only x86 processors. To date, a very extensive Spector processor and OS has been added. Today it is easy to use, unpretentious to resources and at the same time quite functional hypervisor. It allows you to deploy a virtualization platform in a short time, they state in Kaspersky Lab.


The main features of this virtualization are the following:

  • It is possible to work and connect any operating system: if the servers are serviced on Linux, you can connect any other OS (Windows, FreeBSD);
  • It is possible to format the full disk space for any file system;
  • This virtualization has the ability to modify the kernel of the operating system.

Further implementations

KVM virtualization is improving. It needs support for virtual networks and file storage systems. There will also be work on improving reliability, power management, HPC / system support, and virtual processor scalability.

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