How To Configurate SSL Certificate on Nginx

After successfully installing the SSL certificate Let’s Encrypt, you need to download the files located in the “ZIP” folder. This folder must be unpacked. You can order the New SSL Certificate Let’s Encrypt by chicking in the link: Then, issuing the certificate you will need to configure Nginx . You must save […]

How To Configurate SSL Certificate on Apache2

After successfully installing the ssl certificate Let’s Encrypt, you need to download the files located in the “ZIP” folder. This folder must be unpacked. You can order the New SSL Certificate Let’s Encrypt by chicking in the link: You need to open the folder with the files needed to install […]

Configuring Automatic Kernel Updates on Linux

Applying security updates to the Linux kernel is a process that can be done using tools like apt, yum, or kexec. In case of a large number of servers, this process can be difficult and time-consuming. A system reboot is required to manually update the kernel. For organizations with more […]

How To Install Polr on CentOS 8

Polr is a free open source link shortening tool written in PHP and Lumen. This allows you to quickly host your own URL shortener. Its important features include dashboard, detailed link analytics and API. This guide will walk you through the process of installing Polr on CentOS 8. Install Apache […]

How Do I Create WordPress CMS on VPS

First, you need to log in to If You Have a VPS Go to the list of your orders and select the VPS on which you need to install WordPress Then, as you chose your VPS, you must go to the CMS In the CMS section, you must select WORDPRESS and enter your domain name. After that, […]

How Do I Create and Add SSH Key To My Server

SSH key pairs are two cryptographically secure keys that can be used to authenticate a client to an SSH server. Each key pair consists of a public key and a private key. Although passwords are sent to the server in a secure manner, they are generally not complex or long […]

How Do I Upload a New ISO Image

HOSTRY offers the possibility of adding a custom ISO image into your VM-manager account and install a custom operating system.In order to upload your own ISO image, please perform these easy steps: Login into your VM-manager account from your HOSTRY member area When you are logged in, on a dashboard […]

How Do I Change Password on My VPS Server

First, You need to login to the site From the list of services, you must select the server you want to change the password In the selected vps server service, you need to go to VMMANAGER After, go to the “Virtual Machines” Then, click to the Password option After you choose Password you can […]

How Do I Reinstall OS On My VPS

Log in into your external server management panel. In case you do not remember your login credentials, there is possibility to login in VM-manager directly from your HOSTRY account: When you are logged in into your vm manager account, you see the following: Please access “virtual machines” link from the right […]

How Do I Connect to My Server via VNC

Virtual Network Computing is a kind of remote desktop access system for your personal computer, using the RFB protocol for this. To go to your personal VNC you need: Go to the list of your services and select the desired vps server. If you do not have an ordered vps […]