Using The Storage VPS Tariff Plan with Hostry

On the official hostry website, tariffs are provided for Storage usage only. These plans have one exceptional feature: excellent value for the disk size (100GB to 2000GB). You can order a tariff plan using this link. The advantage of this tariff plan lies in its huge amount of disk space. After all, imagine […]

How to use rc.local on server with CentOS 8 Stream

First you need to understand the term “rc”. Its original meaning is “run commands”. This is mainly used to run commands on system boot “rc.local” is a script that contains commands to be run on system boot. As far as Linux distributions are concerned, you may well need to test […]

Installing and configuring NVIDIA drivers on Debian 11

In the process of working with the server, you may end up installing some kind of graphical interface. If you opted for NVIDIA, then you should install drivers for the NVIDIA GUI, which will be essential for work. It will analyze the installation of drivers that are important for working […]

How to Install RethinkDB on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

RethinkDB is a free database focused on documents and their administration. It has an open source code. The database stores JSON documents with dynamic schemas and is designed to make it easy to send real-time updates of query results to applications. In this tutorial, we will analyze the possibility of […]

How to Install Chevereto on Ubuntu 20.04

Chevereto is a special application that is geared towards allowing the user to host and publish images on their own. It works for creating image hosting websites. Also, its functions include support for several users at once, several servers, as well as the option of choosing a language, bulk import […]

How to Configure and Properly Set Up Fail2ban on Debian 11

Fail2Ban is a great and very useful tool that scans log files (eg /var/log/apache/error_log ) and blocks IP addresses that show signs of malware – too many bad passwords, search for exploits and others. This article will focus on a Linux server running on Debian 11. Preliminary Actions First you […]

Providing Windows OS on Hostry VPS

At the moment, the Hostry team is working on the implementation of servers based on the Windows Operating System. When using servers, you will be able to get some very useful features, namely: RDP surfingVPNproxy To maintain anonymity while working on the Internet, it is advisable to access the Internet […]

How to Install Ionic Framework on Ubuntu 20.04

This article will focus on installing the Ionic Framework on Ubuntu 20.04. It will use the repository. It also asks for an important installation of nodejs on your version of Ubuntu OS.Ionic Framework is a unique and open source mobile UI toolkit for building high-quality mobile applications, including front-end framework […]

How To Install FastPanel on Ubuntu 20.04

FastPanel is a unique utility with which you can easily create websites in a few clicks, manage mail, databases, backups, schedule tasks and analyze traffic. Set and configure access rights the way you want – each site can be assigned to a separate user. To increase the security of your […]

How to install Apache Cassandra 3.11.x on Debian 11

Apache Cassandra is a free NoSQL database management system. This system is designed to create highly scalable and reliable repositories of huge data arrays presented in the form of a hash. Here we describe how to install Apache Cassandra (its latest version 3.11.) For servers running CentOS 7 First! You need to […]