How to install NextCloud on my Ubuntu 22.04

NextCloud – Nextcloud Hub – Hub integrates the four key Nextcloud products Files, Talk, Groupware and Office into a single platform, optimizing the flow of collaboration. Reduce risk, improve citizen communication and reduce operational expenses with the leading content collaboration platform. Contact us now to learn how we can help […]

How to Install the Ly Window Manager on Debian 11

Ly is a free, minimalistic and lightweight open source terminal-based display manager for Linux.Ly is a great alternative for those who are used to staring at the terminal window all day long. Ly is a lightweight TUI (ncurses-like) display manager for Linux and BSD. First of all, it is recommended […]

How To Install CrowdSec on Your Server with Debian 11

CrowdSec provides a complete suite of cybersecurity products to effectively protect your online services, a SaaS-based dashboard for threat visibility and response, and a common threat intelligence database to proactively block aggressive incoming traffic. In this article will be described, how you can install this tool on your server with […]

How To Install TeamSpeak to Your Ubuntu VPS

TeamSpeak is a proprietary, cross-platform Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software widely used by the gaming and tech communities. A description will now be provided of how it will be possible to install a TeamSpeak server on your VPS using Ubuntu 20.04. Before you install TeamSpeak, you must create a […]

Using The Storage VPS Tariff Plan with Hostry

On the official hostry website, tariffs are provided for Storage usage only. These plans have one exceptional feature: excellent value for the disk size (100GB to 2000GB). You can order a tariff plan using this link. The advantage of this tariff plan lies in its huge amount of disk space. After all, imagine […]

How to use rc.local on server with CentOS 8 Stream

First you need to understand the term “rc”. Its original meaning is “run commands”. This is mainly used to run commands on system boot “rc.local” is a script that contains commands to be run on system boot. As far as Linux distributions are concerned, you may well need to test […]

Installing and configuring NVIDIA drivers on Debian 11

In the process of working with the server, you may end up installing some kind of graphical interface. If you opted for NVIDIA, then you should install drivers for the NVIDIA GUI, which will be essential for work. It will analyze the installation of drivers that are important for working […]

How to Install RethinkDB on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

RethinkDB is a free database focused on documents and their administration. It has an open source code. The database stores JSON documents with dynamic schemas and is designed to make it easy to send real-time updates of query results to applications. In this tutorial, we will analyze the possibility of […]

How to Install Chevereto on Ubuntu 20.04

Chevereto is a special application that is geared towards allowing the user to host and publish images on their own. It works for creating image hosting websites. Also, its functions include support for several users at once, several servers, as well as the option of choosing a language, bulk import […]

How to Configure and Properly Set Up Fail2ban on Debian 11

Fail2Ban is a great and very useful tool that scans log files (eg /var/log/apache/error_log ) and blocks IP addresses that show signs of malware – too many bad passwords, search for exploits and others. This article will focus on a Linux server running on Debian 11. Preliminary Actions First you […]