Installing and configuring NVIDIA drivers on Debian 11

In the process of working with the server, you may end up installing some kind of graphical interface. If you opted for NVIDIA, then you should install drivers for the NVIDIA GUI, which will be essential for work. It will analyze the installation of drivers that are important for working with NVIDIA on your Debian server. You can check if your virtual machine has an NVIDIA GPU installed or not with the following command:

lspci | egrep 'VGA|NVIDIA'

As for the lists of NVIDIA drivers, they are all freely available in the official and paid Debian 11 package repositories. However, they are disabled by default. To enable them, issue the following command:

apt-add-repository contrib

To enable the non-free package repository, run the following command:

apt-add-repository non-free

Then make updates

apt-get update

Now let’s move on to the installation steps. To install the NVIDIA drivers, run the following command:

apt install nvidia-driver

Then confirm setting [Y]. Once you have confirmed the installation of the NVIDIA drivers and all required dependencies, wait for the installation to complete and reboot the server with the following command:


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