Top 4 PowerShell commands

PowerShell is Microsoft’s expandable open source automation tool. Initially, PowerShell was used as a Windows component called Windows PowerShell on August 2016. Later it became an integral component of the system. All administrative tasks are usually performed using cmdlets [⇨], which are specialized .NET classes. This device combines the speed of a command line with the flexibility of a scripting language, making it a valuable Windows administration tool.

Today, almost all new server products require PowerShell. Therefore, we have prepared for you the 7 most common command lines, which are also among the most important in the work of PowerShell.

  • Get-Help

This program line allows you to get help or any information on any other command. She is at the core of PowerShell administration. For example, if you need to find out how any command works (take Get-Process as an example), you should enter:

Get-Help -Name Get-Process
  • Get-Service

This command will provide a complete list of all services that were previously installed on the system. In this case, when you are interested in any service or process, you can add the -Name parameter and then the name of the service itself

Get-Service -Name

  • Get-EventLog

With this command, you can analyze the event log of your computer. You can try this command, specify the -Log key, followed by the name of the log file. So, to see the log of visits, enter:

Get-EventLog -Log "Application"
  • Set-Variable

A command that sets and sets the values ​​of a variable or the creation of a variable. The value of a variable is always changed during the execution of the script and, therefore, the name “variable”. Variables can be set to a value, and values ​​set once can be changed any number of times. Use this command:


Detailed information will tell you how to manage this program!

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