Providing Windows OS on Hostry VPS

At the moment, the Hostry team is working on the implementation of servers based on the Windows Operating System. When using servers, you will be able to get some very useful features, namely:

RDP surfing

To maintain anonymity while working on the Internet, it is advisable to access the Internet through your own server. In this way, the client masks its real IP address and protects the security of the home system. Several options for using the server for anonymization:

On your personal Windows-based server, you will receive administrator rights and will be able to freely and easily configure the system according to your needs and requirements, as well as edit firewall rules. Often servers are used for trading platforms such as MT4. With the help of Windows servers, you will be able to set up an electronic trading platform while working with online traders.

As for the important component of updates. In this process, this OS does not require special technical skills, and the average user does not encounter difficulties, as well as installing the main programs. A fairly small number of programs work only under Linux. As for Windows, this operating system is more acceptable and feature-rich.

It also recommended to view the Feature Page to check the future updates. Here is described that the server with Windows OS will be ready to use to host trading bots.

You can order the Windows VPS here

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