How To Install Nginx on FreeBSD

This guide will help you install the Nginx web server for the FreeBSD operating system. First you need to install or upgrade (if already installed) the ports tree using the following command: It usually takes a few minutes to download, and after the download is complete, you will proceed to […]

How to install Ajenti on Ubuntu 18.04

Ajenti is an open source control panel for managing your vps server.The great advantage of this panel is that it is free. To install you will need: VPS, with the installed operating system Ubuntu 18.04; The static IP address of your vps (primary IP); Root access user Download and Install […]

How to install Apache, MySQL and PHP on Ubuntu 18.04

Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions. A lot of users use it to work with vps. To install LAMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) you need a server with sudo access for commands. Apache installation First of all (as with any other installation of programs), you need to update […]

How to install Plesk on CenOS 7

Plesk is a commercial web hosting platform. The Plesk platform was developed in Novosibirsk and first released by the American company Plesk Inc. In July 2003, it was acquired by SWsoft. This unique dashboard allows users to manage a website, databases, email and domains. In order to successfully install Plesk […]

How To Install Fuel CMS on CentOS 7

Fuel CMS is a content management system for premium sites. This system is built on the popular PHP Codelginter web platform. Most content editors use this particular CMS because it has an attractive look. Developers like it for its openness and thoughtfulness. In this article we will look at how […]

How to install CentOS Web Panel on CentOS7

CentOS is a Linux distribution, and CentOS Web Panel, or CWP as it is otherwise called, is an open source web hosting control panel developed for CentOS, RHEL and CloudLinux. In order for the installation to go well and without interference, this will require: Fresh CentOS vps instance recommended from […]

Vesta Control Panel is a great solution for your VPS server

Vesta Control Panel is a great solution for your VPS server. Many users of virtual and dedicated servers perform various types of administrative tasks using control panels, such as: ISPManager (the most popular among them), DirectAdmin, CPanel and others. All of them are paid software, but there is an alternative, […]

How To install Nginx 1.17.4 on Arch Linux

This guide is intended to install nginx on a server running Arch Linux. You can download this system to your ISO disk of a virtual machine. In order to install nginx you will need to enter the following command: To start Nginx after each boot you need to enter: Then […]