How To Configure Apache on Windows Server

When you start the HTTP server, this will give you the opportunity to host a website and upload files for downloadIf you want this web server to work well, you can install the ready-made XAMPP package. It includes Apache, PHP, MySQL. Apache installation You need to download the MSI installer […]

How To Protect Apache Web Server on CentOS 7

In case, when an attacker gets access to your server, you may lose all data. If at the initial stage you use simple installations, you still need to secure your server. Install Web Server The first thing we offer you is installing a web server yum install httpd php Personal […]

How To Install And Configure R on Debian 9

R is open source programming language. It is very actively used as a development of statistical software and visualized. R offers many custom packages for various areas of study, making it applicable to many areas. Install Dependencies One thing to understand is that an external repository supported by CRAN should […]

Choosing an Operating System on Linux

There are actually a lot of operating systems and distributions based on Linux OS. In this article we will only talk about some of them that are inherent in our virtual servers, namely this: CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, Ubuntu. We will give a short description about each operating system, its advantages […]

How To Protect NGINX web server from Logjam atack on CentOS

When using a security certificate, many are confident in 100% protection of their web server, but we want to tell that there is a vulnerability in the security certificate. It cannot be called an ordinary vulnerability; rather, it is a small hole in the protocol itself during depreciation of SSL3 […]

Affiliate Partner Program – Way To Make Money in Hostry

Hostry Hosting Service offers an Affiliate Program. Our service will help to make money for customers based on a share of income up to 10% of customer payments for a lifetime! This affiliate reward is credited daily. With this, you are guaranteed to receive: Dedicated server: 5% of referral order […]

What kind of payment methods are available at Hostry

Speaking of services, the first thing to understand is the state of financial resources. After all, what tariff you want to purchase depends on them, with what configurations and volume. Some types of payments are available in our service through which you can pay for services, they are as follows: […]

How To Configure A Static IP Address on Linux

On a Linux system, IP addresses are automatically assigned by DHCP servers. They are dynamic, and often changing, every time you reboot your system. If the system is a dedicated or virtual server administering remotely, for example, for this it is necessary to have (as a recommendation) a static IP […]

How To Protect Your Server

The topic of security has always been relevant in the IT industry. In this article we will give some tips on how to secure your server and try to help to ensure that your server is not subjected to threats and attacks. If you found approximately such a message during […]