Choosing an Operating System on Linux

There are actually a lot of operating systems and distributions based on Linux OS. In this article we will only talk about some of them that are inherent in our virtual servers, namely this: CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, Ubuntu. We will give a short description about each operating system, its advantages and hackeristics. We hope this will help you decide which one will be more convenient and practical for you to use..


One of the most universally compatible Linux distributions. it is long-term in support and the very first distribution. It has a graphical shell GHOME. From its advantages can be distinguished

  • The presence of a modern Linux kernel
  • Extra large package storage
  • Big Tracking System
  • Great support for architectures (x86, x64, ARM)


Every third user of Linux will select this operating system. Absolutely all software products designed for work and support of the Linux environment will work in CentOS.

  • Ensuring installation in UEFI Secure Boot mode on supported hardware
  • Very easy transition to systemd, firewalld and GRUB2
  • Very reliable server solution


This operating system is the best solution for openStack public clouds. Today, many users for their personal computers use this particular operating system. The main advantages can be distinguished

  • This operating system can always be easily downloaded, use is very simple, and configurations are easy
  • It is one of the safest operating systems due to the fact that it has a built-in firewall and anti-virus software
  • It is interesting that Ubuntu has been translated into more than 50 languages ​​of the world, and is available to many users
  • In support of servers, Ubuntu is one of the most popular systems, because of its simplicity, reliability and security systems


This distribution includes a security group that controls all of this software. A wide selection of additional applications and programs is installed by pkg packages or by compiling code. The main advantages can be distinguished

  • Due to licensing, much of FreeBSD, the coded has become an integral part of other operating systems, such as Apple, and the Sony’s PlayStation software system
  • FreeBSD has a large set of server software in the base system and a set of ports. This allows you to configure FreeBSD and use it as a mail server, web server, firewall, FTP server, DNS server and router, as well as other applications

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