Affiliate Partner Program – Way To Make Money in Hostry

Hostry Hosting Service offers an Affiliate Program. Our service will help to make money for customers based on a share of income up to 10% of customer payments for a lifetime! This affiliate reward is credited daily. With this, you are guaranteed to receive:

  • Dedicated server: 5% of referral order
  • VPS: 7% of referral order
  • CDN: 10% of referral order
  • Domains: 5% of the referral order, respectively.

You need to configure the Output Method. By default, “My Hostry internal balance” is configured, but you can change it by choosing a different output method from among others:




Next, you should enter the address of your wallet and wait for the funds to arrive after you successfully order any service from your referral link

Also, you can see the statistics of all registrations and unique visits of your referral links over the past 14 days. This will be presented below

Follow the link, set up your own program and start earning right now!

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