How To Configure A Static IP Address on Linux

On a Linux system, IP addresses are automatically assigned by DHCP servers. They are dynamic, and often changing, every time you reboot your system. If the system is a dedicated or virtual server administering remotely, for example, for this it is necessary to have (as a recommendation) a static IP address.

To configure an IP address on a Red Hat system, enter the command nmcli
which will list the network connections and devices in the system

$ nmcli dev status
wlo1        wifi      connected    Comtrend7FB9
virbr0      bridge    connected    virbr0
enp3s0      ethernet  unavailable  --
lo          loopback  unmanaged    --
virbr0-nic  tun       unmanaged    --

Next, you need to change the network interface. To do this, edit the file in the directory /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts
which is an open interface. In a line called“BOOTPROTO=dhcp» needs changes to BOOTPROTO = static».
Also, the IP address itself must be added to this file. For example, this interface will be called IPCONT211

After making changes, run the program systemctl restart NetworkManager to save the changed settings.

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