Converting from MySQL to MariaDB on Ubuntu

This guide will describe the steps for converting a MySQL server to a MariaDB server and resolving unsatisfied dependencies that may arise during the conversion process. This manual is intended only for virtual servers on which the Ubuntu operating system is installed. Uninstall MySQL server To get started, run these […]

How to back up MySQL databases

MySQL is the software that is the most popular in the world that is used for databases. It is very important to make sure that you have backups. The causes of data loss can be very diverse: hardware failure, software changes, and much more. You can always restore your entire […]

How To Install Puthon 3.7 on Arch Linux Web Server

This guide will help you install Python on Arch Linux. For this you need: Hostry vps Server running on Arch Linux, running Apache or Nginx web server, access to sudo and also installed text editor. Install Python 3.7 on your web server On Nginx To use Python 3.x (any version), […]

Install Docker CE on Ubuntu 18.04

Docker is a special application that allows you to deploy and install programs that run as containers. This application was written in Go – a programming language. Delete old versions Older versions are called or otherwise docker-engine. If they are still installed, then they must be removed: Software update […]

How To Install 4.19 Kernel on Debian 8

To begin upgrading the kernel to 4.19 on Debian 8, you must have an active instance of HOSTRY VPS. To install, you need to insert the following lines in the SSH or PuTTY client window, or use a VNC connection. Log in and press Enter. This will automatically install all […]

How to Install TYPO3 CMS on CentOS 7

TYPO3 is a corporate content management system. It is free and open source. TYPO3 is written in PHP and uses MySQL to store its data. System update It is recommended that you upgrade your system before installing any packages that are used on CentOS. Run the following commands to do […]

How To Install And Configure ArangoDB on CentOS 7

ArangoDB is a open source NoSQL database with an open source year and a flexible data model for documents, key values ​​and graphs. This database is easily managed using the integrated web interface or command line interface. To follow all the instructions in this article, you will need a busy […]

Configuring vsFTPd on Debian and Ubuntu

vsftpd means “Very Secure” FTP Daemon. This is a kind of lightweight FTP server. Commands to help you install and configure require superuser privileges. Installation To install vsftpd, you must enter the following command: Configuration First you need to open the configuration file using your text editor. This example uses […]

How To install Goland 1.8 on Ubuntu 18.04

GO (or Goland) is an open source programming language that makes it easy to create simple, reliable and efficient programs. It is a modern programming language that focuses on simplicity and security. It has become a very popular language used for server-side development. Download GO To download, please enter the […]

How To Install DUB on Ubuntu 18.04

The DUB package manager used for D simplifies the job while making it easy to build applications. All dependencies can be found here. For installation you will need: VPS with the Ubuntu Operating System 18.04 and basic knowledge of D. Download DUB To download DUB you need to run the […]