How To Install 4.19 Kernel on Debian 8

To begin upgrading the kernel to 4.19 on Debian 8, you must have an active instance of HOSTRY VPS. To install, you need to insert the following lines in the SSH or PuTTY client window, or use a VNC connection. Log in and press Enter. This will automatically install all the necessary packages that are needed for this update, as well as the gpg, kernel key and headers. Then the old core will be removed from your virtual server. After that, use the program to reboot the server and you will switch to a new kernel.

echo '

# Add GPG Key
wget -O - -q | apt-key add - 

# Add Vultr Kernel Repo
echo deb jessie main >> /etc/apt/sources.list

# Install Vultr 4.19 Kernel
apt-get install -t jessie linux-image
apt-get install -t jessie linux-headers

# Remove old kernel
apt-get autoremove -y
rm -f /root/
' > /root/
chmod +x /root/

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