How to back up MySQL databases

MySQL is the software that is the most popular in the world that is used for databases. It is very important to make sure that you have backups. The causes of data loss can be very diverse: hardware failure, software changes, and much more. You can always restore your entire database using backups.

The syntax for using the nysqldump command to export a database is. This shows us the following:

Access to the username database;

Mysqldump may ask you for a password;

Following are the processes that will tell us about backing up databases to an SQL file named name.sq

Restore your database

Primarily! If something went wrong for you, you can easily restore your database. Log in to get started

mysql -u username -p

Then create a new database


Quit MySQL


After that, you can import the SQL file into a new database

mysql -u username -p newdb < name.sql

This completes the process of importing your SQL file into a new database!

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