How To Install DUB on Ubuntu 18.04

The DUB package manager used for D simplifies the job while making it easy to build applications. All dependencies can be found here. For installation you will need: VPS with the Ubuntu Operating System 18.04 and basic knowledge of D.

Download DUB

To download DUB you need to run the following:


Next, you need to extract the downloaded and install it by running the following commands:

tar xvf dub-0.9.22-linux-x86_64.tar.gz
mv dub /usr/local/bin

This will install the DUB in the system, making it available for use in your PATH variable. You should get a message saying that you can go to the cd directory in test and run dub. The message will look like this: “Successfully created an empty project in”. You can check out the official DUB docs to learn more about how you can customize your dependencies and your project the way you want to customize it.

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