Top 3 Free Plugins To Improve WordPress

Especially popular in the development of the site today, it is observed on WordPress. Creating a website is now much easier and more accessible, because constantly new releases of this CMS make it really convenient for work. In addition, today there are a large number of plug-ins to improve the performance of this CMS. These plugins help speed up the process of website creation, editing and simplification. Using these plugins, you can discover new things to

  • 1. To completely change the markup structure on the pages;
  • 2. Quickly and easily manage content;
  • 3. Edit widgets, notes and pages;
  • 4. Edit blocks with changes

This plugin allows you to customize the settings of your favorite images as a whole, indicating which types of images you are allowed to import. It replaces the standard block “Record Miniature” (Featured Image) with a new one that uses the “Drag and Drop” system. It is completely free, and has been updated along with updates that have appeared with the Media Uploader in the library of older versions of WordPress.


This plugin that shows what is more popular on your blog, which links are in the right place, and which are worth transferring. These tips can increase your conversion and bring you more visitors. The best in this eye tracking technology – you will see the first results in just a few hours. The Crazy Egg Heatmap allows you to collect more than 88% of the data you would use using the traditional eye tracking process.

WordPress SEO Pluhin By Yoast

This plugin will undoubtedly improve all the technical aspects of optimizing your site. By focusing on the right keywords, it helps you write content better and understand your audience. The powerful plugin determines if your title is too long or too short, it will help you understand the ranking principle and increase the number of visitors coming from an organic question.

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