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Magento is an international company, which is based on the work and management system of your online store. To date, the most popular online store management system in the world. More than 100 thousand online stores have been created on the basis of this platform, more than 2 thousand extensions have been created by third-party developers, the project community has about 375 thousand participants. This system is rightfully considered one of the most popular CMS in the world, because today there are more and more opportunities to open your website on the basis of an online store.

Today, almost 4,000 employees of various specialties are registered in the Magento catalog! Magento is currently introducing voice commerce features. The Magento team works with Amazon and Google on how they both catalog product sources to link Magento and make the service available through Amazon Alexa.

As we know, a good product requires investment and finance. If we talk about the pricing policy of Magento, then it is very pleased with its flexibility. Officially, the product for 2013 comes in three different editions:

Community Edition, which is free.

SaaS-service called Magento Go, which in turn is divided into 4 tariffs from 15 to 125 US dollars per month. There is a trial period of 1 month. The maximum number of items uploaded to the SaaS platform is 10,000 products.

Enterprise edition, the minimum cost of $ 15,000 per year. Customers purchasing such licenses have personalized service and so on.

Benefits of Magento

  • Huge built-in functionality like scalability and extensibility
  • More than half of the extensions can be installed for free
  • On Template Monster for this unique CMS you can find more than 700 templates on all popular topics.

Disadvantages of Magento

  • The platform has a rather heavy administrative part, in which certain knowledge will be needed and it is difficult for an untrained person to understand it
  • The platform has a complex structure, and in order to “remake it for yourself” you need good knowledge of PHP

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the online demo version at the links below:

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