How to Install and Use CPULimit on CentOS

CPULimit is a utility designed to work with Linux servers to limit the use of resources by an application. Cpulimit is used to limit the CPU usage of a process in the same way as CPUTool, however it offers more use cases than its counterpart. One of the important differences […]

How to Install Dotclear on Debian 10

Dotclear is very popular today. It is a simple blogging engine built around PHP. It contains: Automatic installation Multi-blog and multi-user Static Pages Media manager Custom layout For a successful installation, you need a VPS server with a LAMP stack in Ubuntu 16.04. On most stacks, files for the entire website (usually) are […]

How To Install HTMLy on Ubuntu 18.04 with LAMP

HTMLy is a unique blogging tool. Its big advantage is that it works without a database. It allows you to create and manage content using flat files. To carry out this installation, you will need a VPS with a preinstalled Linux distribution – Ubuntu 18.04, and also LAMP (there is […]

How to Install MyCLI on CentOS, Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu

MyCLI is a command line interface for MySQL, MariaDB and Percona with autocomplete and syntax highlighting. This tool will help you a lot with the syntax of your SQL commands. Some very useful features of MyCli: Autocomplete when entering SQL keywords, as well as tables, views and columns in the […]

How to Setup Node.js Persistent Applications on Ubuntu 18.04

Based on the Chrome V8 Engine, Node.js is a popular language used to build highly scalable applications. He is already involved in many projects. Node.js applications are popular for their scalability. Running multiple concurrent processes on multiple servers reduces latency and increases uptime. This article will guide you through how […]

How do I convert my CER file to PEM?

Files of type CER are a security file that is used to store an X.509 certificate. It is provided by an accredited certification authority. It contains information about the owner of the certificate and the public key. PEM files are bas64 encoded ASCII files in which certification authorities issue certificates. […]

How to Install Unturned 3.21.16 on CentOS 7

In order to install Unturned (version 3.21.16) for your Hostry server running Debian 10 operating system, you need to follow the following guide: Installation To get started (this step always comes first), you need to update your system: Then install the following packages. This is necessary for Unturned to work properly. This can be […]

Hostry Refund Policy

In addition to purchasing services from Hostry, we reserve the right to cancel our services at any time. All fees paid prior to cancellation will be prorated and refunded by Hostry to the customer if services are canceled without violating these Terms and Conditions. If the cancellation was caused by […]

How To Install Bro IDS on Ubuntu 18.04

What is BRO? It is a powerful and extremely useful network analysis tool. It is open source. The main activity of this tool is monitoring network security. Also, this tool is capable of measuring performance, troubleshooting some issues, and realizing all your traffic on the server. In order to install […]