How to Install Unturned 3.21.16 on CentOS 7

In order to install Unturned (version 3.21.16) for your Hostry server running Debian 10 operating system, you need to follow the following guide:


To get started (this step always comes first), you need to update your system:

yum update -y

Then install the following packages. This is necessary for Unturned to work properly. This can be done as follows:

yum install screen unzip git -y

Then you need to add i386 architecture support:

yum --enablerepo=base-i386 --disablerepo=base-x86_64 
yum update

After successful installation, you should install the libraries that are listed below:

yum install --enablerepo=base-i386 --disablerepo=base-x86_64  lib32stdc++6 mono-runtime mono-devel libmono-cil-dev mono-reference-assemblies-2.0 libc6-dev.i386 -y

Downloading server files

Next, download the server files (with wget support). Do it like this:


Unpack the server files

tar -zxvf unturned-linux-dedicated.tar.gz

Then, after successful unpacking, you need to move the files to your server folder:

mv unturned-bin/Unturned_Data/

Now go to the Unturned_Data directory:

cd unturned-bin/Unturned_Data/

This is followed by unpacking the archive files:


Start your newly installed untouched server 3.21.16:

cd ../
chmod +x

Installing AdminCommands

AdminCommands is very important to install and will be designed to give you some control over your server since it lacks a console.

To do this, you will need to be in the directory for this part. Use git to get a clone of the mod files for your server

git clone
cd Unturned

Make sure the files have already been cloned correctly. Use ls for this. The result that will be displayed for you will look something like this:

AdminCommands.dll  Assembly-CSharp.dll  ModLoader.dll

Move ModLoader and AdminCommands to server files:

mv * ../Unturned_Data/Managed/

Create a new directory for the AdminCommands mod:

mkdir mods

Then the final step is to move the AmdinCommands mods of your mod directories

mv AdminCommands.dll mods/

At this point, the installation process can be considered complete!

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