How to Install Dotclear on Debian 10

Dotclear is very popular today. It is a simple blogging engine built around PHP. It contains:

  • Automatic installation
  • Multi-blog and multi-user
  • Static Pages
  • Media manager
  • Custom layout

For a successful installation, you need a VPS server with a LAMP stack in Ubuntu 16.04. On most stacks, files for the entire website (usually) are stored in the /var/www/html/ directory. You must go to this folder and delete all the placeholder files that are contained in it.

cd /var/www/html
rm * -rf

Then, please make sure that Apache owns in following directory:

chown www-data:www-data . -R

Database Setup

For this step, you need to go to your MySLQ with the following command:

mysql -u root -p

Then you need to create the database and user (replace with < your password>)

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON dotclear.* TO dotclearuser@localhost IDENTIFIED BY '<your_password>';

Install Dotclear

Please make sure that your session is still in the var/www/html folder

cd /var/www/html

Then you need to download the Dotclear loader PHP script:


Open a web browser and go to http: //YOUR_IP_ADDRESS/dotclear-loader.php. You will be presented with the installer page. Follow the onscreen instructions. On the second screen, you will be prompted to enter the database data. Use the following details:

Database type: MySQLi
Database Host Name: localhost
Database Name: dotclear
Database User Name: dotclearuser
Database Password: password

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