How to Install Nginx, WordPress, and Let’s Encrypt with EasyEngine on Debian 8 or Ubuntu 18.04

EasyEngines a tool that is written in Python. It allows you to easily manage your WordPress sites using an Nginx web server. With EasyEngine, you don’t have to deal with complex web server configurations. In this simple tutorial, we will see how to install EasyEngine and set up a single WordPress site that uses the Let’s Encrypt HTTPS certificate.


EasyEngine is installed on a new server that does not yet have Apache or MySQL. First, you need to update the system using the following simple command:

sudo apt-get update

Then proceed to install EasyEngine

wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee

You will be prompted for a username and email address. Once the installation is complete, verify that it works by entering the command:

sudo ee

After that, if everything was successful, you will receive a list of available arguments

EasyEngine Launching

EasyEngine has the amazing property of making WordPress simpler, and you can do this with one simple command:

sudo ee site create --wp --letsencrypt

This command will automatically install Nginx for you, Let’s Encrypt certificate, PHP and MariaDB, and then WordPress. Also, you can add additional arguments after -wp. The list of available commands is available on the EasyEngine website

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