How to Install Starbound Server on Ubuntu 18.04

Starbound is a special game. Before you can install this game, you need to have a Starbound account. This tutorial is focused on the Ubuntu 18.04 operating system. Before installing, you should update the packages:

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

Installing Starbound

You can install Starbound using the following command:

adduser starbound
passwd starbound

Then you need to open the required firewall port:

firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=21025/tcp --permanent
firewall-cmd --reload

You will need the system libraries to install correctly. They are essential for running StreamCMD. Enter the following command:

sudo apt-get install lib32g

Next, you should switch to the entry that you created earlier:

su starbound
cd ~

It is imperative to install the StreamCMD software. Installation can be done using the following program:

tar xf steamcmd_linux.tar.gz

After successful installation, StreamCMD will be used to install the required files on your game server. You need to check your sweat drawer for a login code. There should be an output like this:

login YourAccount
*input password and steam guard code*

force_install_dir ./starbound
app_update 211820 validate

Next, a following message will appear on the screen:

Success! App ‘211820’ fully installed.

This means that you just need to type quit and press ENTER.

Server Configuring

You can configure the server by editing the sbboot.config file. Changes should only be made after a colon:

nano ~/starbound/linux64/sbboot.config

On line 47 change A Starbound Server to the desired server name, then on line 48 change 8 to the desired number of slots.

Server Upgrade Using the Starbound

First you need to create a special file update_starbound.txt

nano /home/starbound/update_starbound.txt

After successfully creating this file, you need to fill it in. Copy and paste the following:

login YourAccount YourPassword
force_install_dir ./starbound
app_update 211820

Please note that when updating the server, you may have Steam Guard enabled, you will need to enter the code again during the update process. The code will look like this:

cd ~ && ./ +runscript update_starbound.txt

Starting your server

To start the server, you need to do the following:

cd /home/starbound/starbound/linux64
screen -dmS starbound ./starbound_server

Your server is now running in screen mode. You can turn it off at any time with the following command:

screen -S starbound -X quit

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