Looking Glass (Test IPs) From Hostry

We are glad to inform you about the adjunction of new regions in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia, as well as in Africa! Hostry invites its customers to get acquainted with Looking Glass to test and choose the best location for themselves! All available locations and links to test IPs are provided below for your convenience.


Bulgaria (Sofia): lg-bg1.hostry.com
Czech Republic (Prague): lg-cz1.hostry.com
Czech Republic (Veseli nad Luznici): lg-cz2.hostry.com
Finland (Helsinki) lg-fi1.hostry.com
France (Paris) lg-fr1.hostry.com
Germany (Frankfurt) lg-de1.hostry.com,  lg-de2.hostry.com
Hungary (Budapest): lg-hu1.hostry.com
Ireland (Dublin): lg-ie1.hostry.com
Italy(Milan): lg-it1.hostry.com
Latvia(Riga): lg-lv1.hostry.com
Luxembourg (Luxembourg): http://lg-lu1.hostry.com
Netherlands (Amsterdam): lg-nl1.hostry.com
Netherlands (Dronten): lg-nl2.hostry.com
Poland (Gdansk): lg-pl1.hostry.com
Portugal (Lisbon): lg-pt1.hostry.com
Romania (Bucharest): lg-ro1.hostry.com
Serbia (Belgrade): lg-rs1.hostry.com
Slovakia (Bratislava): lg-sk1.hostry.com
Spain (Madrid): lg-es1.hostry.com
Sweden (Stockholm): http://lg-se1.hostry.com/
Switzerland (Geneva): lg-ch1.hostry.com
Ukraine (Kharkov): lg-ua1.hostry.com
Ukraine (Kyiv): lg-ua2.hostry.com
United Kingdom (London) lg-gb1.hostry.com , lg-gb2.hostry.com

North America

Canada (Toronto): lg-ca1.hostry.com
USA (Chicago): lg-us5.hostry.com
USA (Dallas): lg-us1.hostry.com
USA (Los Angeles): lg-us2.hostry.com
USA (Miami): lg-us3.hostry.com
USA (New York): lg-us4.hostry.com

South America

Brazil (São Paulo) lg-br1.hostry.com


China (Hong Kong) lg-cn1.hostry.com , lg-cn2.hostry.com
India (Mumbai) lg-in1.hostry.com
Israel (Tel Aviv) lg-il1.hostry.com
Japan (Tokyo) lg-jp1.hostry.com
Kazakhstan (Almaty) lg-kz1.hostry.com
Korea (Seoul) lg-kr1.hostry.com
Singapore (Singapore): lg-sg1.hostry.com
Turkey (Izmir): lg-tr1.hostry.com


Australia (Sydney) lg-au1.hostry.com


South Africa (Johannesburg) lg-za1.hostry.com

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