How Can I Install Cockpit Web Server on Ubuntu 20.04

Cockpit is a web server GUI designed for everyone. Thanks to Cockpit’s deliberate use of system APIs and commands, a whole team of administrators can manage the system the way they prefer, including the command line and utilities along with Cockpit. It is important to note that before you start installing the web server, it is important and necessary to create a sudo non-root user.

Installing Cockpit

For installing this web server please ise the following command

apt install cockpit -y

Start the Cockpit service using the systemctl utility. To run the service Cockpit you can use the systemctl utility

systemctl start cockpit

For checking the Cockpit servise work you can use the following commang

systemctl status cockpit

Further configuration: working with the Firewall

The next important step is to configure the UFW to enable the Cockpit web interface (TCP port is designated 9090). This can be done with the following command:

ufw allow 9090/tcp

Then you need to open access to the Cockpit web console. To do this, you need to open the web console in your browser and then make changes to example_IP to your IP address of the virtual server

This completes the Cockpit setup and installation.

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