Install DirectAdmin on CentOS 7

DirectAdmin is a graphical user interface (GUI) and also a control panel that helps you install and manage a full stack of web servers. This is possible on a wide variety of modern distributions and operating systems. To start installing DitectAdmin you need to make sure that you are logged in as your root user and purchased a DirectAdmin license from their official website.

Then you need to update your VPS, this can be done with the following command:

yum update

After this step, you need to install the packages that DirectAdmin requires on CentOS 7. To do this, run the following command:

yum install psmisc net-tools systemd-devel libdb-devel perl-DBI

After the DirectAdmin packages have been successfully installed, then download the DirectAdmin installation script via wget. If you still don’t have wget, you can install it using the command yum install wget

chmod 755

To start the installation script, you need to enter the command:


Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the DirectAdmin installation. You can access DirectAdmin after installing it in a web browser by going to the link http: // server_ip:

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