How To Install Plesk on Debian 8

Plesk is a control panel that allows a user to administer personal or client websites, email, a databases or domains.

Automatic Plesk Installation

First you need to log in as a regular user, with permission to use the sudo command. Then enter the commands below; while assigning the actual domain to your vps to complete the installation. Replace with your existing email address

sudo sh -c "wget -O - | sh /dev/stdin --source --target /tmp/plesk-installation --select-product-id plesk --select-release-latest --installation-type "Typical" --notify-email"

This setting takes 8-10 minutes. Upon completion, you will receive a message about this in your console.

Next, enter the URL that will be indicated in this message; when you see the Plesk admin interface, enter the requested information: installation type, login with password, domain name and necessarily Plesk license key. After that, complete the installation!

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