How to install Ntopng Tool on Your Ubuntu 20.04 VPS

Ntopng is a special computer program for monitoring traffic on a computer network. It is designed as a high-performance and low-resource replacement for ntop. This tool perfectly provides an intuitive encrypted web user interface for exploring real-time traffic information and traffic history.

Installing Ntopng

A very important point should be followed before installation – adding the official Ntopng repository. To do this, you need to start adding the main dependencies, without which the work of Ntopng will be impossible. Enter the command shown below:

apt install wget gnupg software-properties-common

Then you need to install the Ntopng repository package. Follow the commands shown below:

dpkg -i apt-ntop.deb

Next, update the packages:

apt update

This is followed by the completion of adding the official Ntopng repository. You can install it as follows:

apt install pfring-dkms nprobe ntopng n2disk cento

Further Configuring Ntopng on Your VPS

Before proceeding to configuring Ntopng, you need to find your VPS network interfaces. Enter a simple command:

ntopng -h

Ntopng will provide you with network interfaces with the output of the -h command. After that, you need to open the configuration file

nano /etc/ntopng/ntopng.conf

This is followed by a very important step: you need to add the following lines to the very end of the file Line -i = 2 (denotes the initiation for using Ntopng of the second interface enp1s0). Then you should go to the second interface. Leave the web server port 3333 unless you need a different port (the default will be 3333).

Network adapter name
HTTP port of the embedded web server.

Next, you should restart your ntopng service

systemctl start ntopng

After that step- is to install it every time you start it in the server boot

systemctl enable ntopng

After successful actions, you should be able to test your ntopng. This can be done as follows (replace with your address and port:

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