How To Install HTMLDoc on Fedora 29

HTMLDoc is a special dynamic postscript document parser (PDF 1.6). This guide is intended to install HTMLDoc on Fedora 29. After installing HTMLDoc, the creation of a simple one-page document will continue without any headers, footers, borders, or additional elements.

Install HTMLDoc

First you need to log in to your server as root and install htmldoc

dnf install htmldoc -y

After that, you need to move on to creating PDF documents from HTML markup

Create the First PDF from HTML

You need to quickly test this feature from your command line. Go to /tpm/ directory for this test

cd /tmp/

Now you need to create a simple HTML file that will be used to create the PDF document. Let’s name it for example “example-doc.html

nano example-doc.html

Add the following HTML markup for it

<title>My first PDF from HTML</title>
This is the body of my first PDF document made from HTML.

Save the file by pressing CTRL + X then Y to save the changes. Next, you can instruct HTMLDoc by parsing the PDF from your example-doc.html

htmldoc --webpage -f postscript-output.pdf  example-doc.html

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