How To Install HTMLDoc on CoreOS

HTMLDoc is a special dynamic PostScript document parser (PDF 1.6). This guide is for installing HTMLDoc on CoreOS. After installing HTMLDoc, the creation of a simple one-page document will continue without any headers, footers, borders, or additional elements.

Install HTMLDoc

First you need to log in to root and create a container

# /usr/bin/toolbox

Now install htmldoc

# yum install htmldoc -y

Next, install nano

# yum install nano -y

Now you can start creating

Create your first PDF from HTML

You need to quickly test this feature from your command line. Go to /tpm/ directory for this test

Now you need to create a simple HTML file that will be used to create the PDF document. Let’s name it for example “example-doc.html

nano example-doc.html

Add the following HTML markup for it

<title>My first PDF from HTML</title>
This is the body of my first PDF document made from HTML.

Save the file by pressing CTRL + X then Y to save the changes. Next, you can instruct HTMLDoc by parsing the PDF from your example-doc.html

htmldoc --webpage -f postscript-output.pdf  example-doc.html

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