How To Install Duplicity on Ubuntu 20.04

Duplicity is a special open source tool. It is a very good helper for backing up your data. This is a very convenient and smart way to back up your data, as it not only saves the data, but also any changes made to it in the long term. This attribute makes Duplicity very compact. It is extremely efficient, using rsync to store only the parts of files that have changed while still allowing you to restore files as at any date.

Installing Duplicity on Ubuntu 20.04

Before any installation, it is mandatory to update all package repositories. This can be done by the following command:

apt-get update -y

Install Duplicity using apt-get. After you have successfully updated the repositories of all packages, you need to enter the command that will output the duplicity installation:

apt-get install -y duplicity

Check the installation. The important thing is that you need to check the installation, whether everything went in the right direction:

apt-cache policy duplicity

The output should indicate whether the installation was successful or not. Also, it’s worth reporting that Duplicity had some software bugs in it. They have been successfully fixed and are now fully operational! The following has been fixed:

  • All signatures and deltas in the GNU file format,
  • HTML output with rman to the site,
  • Yakety and zesty no longer have problems with the gpg2 key (which is very important)
  • The default volume size has been increased to 200 MB.

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