How To Install Apache Solr on Ubuntu 20.04

Apache Solr is a great tool that scales well. It is a very robust and fault-tolerant open source Java-based search tool. Its peculiarity lies in supporting NoSQL and database queries through REST APIs such as Elasticsearch. In addition, it stores data and provides distributed indexing, replication, automatic failover and recovery, and load-balanced queries for near-real-time data queries.

Installing Java

Installation can be done using the following program:

apt install default-jdk -y

Check if the installation was successful:

java -version

Installing Apache Solr

To download the latest available version, you will be able to go to this site. In this case, the following version:


Unpack the downloaded archives.

tar xzf solr-8.9.0.tgz

After successfully archiving documents, install Apache Solr

bash solr-8.9.0/bin/ solr-8.9.0.tgz

Check the status of the Apache Solr service.

systemctl status solr

Enable Apache Solr service to start at system boot.

systemctl enable solr

The next step will be very important as you need to allow port 8983 through the firewall

ufw allow 8983

To access the Apache Solr web interface, go to your browser and enter http://serverIP: 8983. For example:

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