Features and benefits of working with Linux

The main advantage of this Linux network operating system is its compatibility with the X Window System graphics engine. This, as well as many other positive qualities, make it very popular among users. Linux has support for many platforms. For example, Motorola 680×0 (Amiga and Atari computers, old Macs), PowerPC, DEC Alpha, Sun SPARC. Today, MIPS and ARM processors are being developed, and the core for embedded systems that work on Intel 8086.

Linux presents opportunities to work on this platform. They are very numerous, and many of them have been added since their initial release.

Some features will be presented below:

  • CAP_KILL: Bypassing permission checks for sending signals to processes
  • CAP_SYS_NICE: Enhance the nobility of processes (an explanation of the nobility can be found here)
  • CAP_DAC_OVERRIDE: Override discretionary access control, For example, vto bypass the read / write / execute permissions check.

If you enter in the terminal “man 7 capabilities” then more additions and entries will appear

We also want to introduce a list of supported hardware called “Linux Hardware Howto” http://www.ibiblio.org/mdw/%20HOWTO%20/%20Hardware-HOWTO.html

Regarding graphic of programs in this system, there are a lot of them! From simple to powerful editors. We provide the 42 best programs, but in fact, there are many more! http://www.linuxlinks.com/GraphicsSoftware/

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