How to install MySQL Workbench on Debian 11

As for the new version of Debian 11, the official method of installing MySQL Workbench does not work as expected on Debian 11. Some users who have encountered the installation state the following: the MySQL Workbench repository was not added correctly, and manually adding it does not solve the problem. Other users have complained that manual installation of Ubuntu does not work with Debian, and we can confirm this. However, installing MySQL Workbench on Debian 11 using Snap is pretty straightforward. Before installing MySQL Workbench, update all of your repositories:

apt update

It is recommended that you install the snapd package for Workbench to work properly. This can be installed by running the following command:

apt install snapd

Install the kernel files using Snap by running the following command:

snap install core

Now, to install MySQL Workbench using Snap, run the following command:

snap install mysql-workbench-community

Once installed, you can find MySQL Workbench in the application finder, or in the applications menu. In Debian 11, you will see a warning that the operating system is not supported. MySQL Workbench currently supports the following operating systems: Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise, Oracle Linux, Fedora, and Microsoft Windows. The fact that your system is not officially supported can be ignored, and this does not mean that you will run into errors. However, below I decided to add some Linux compatible alternatives to MySQL Workbench. More information on MySQL Workbench can be obtained at this link.

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