How to install MySql Workbench on Arch Linux

Working with MySQL on Linux operating systems includes many tasks, some of which are tools for administering SQL parameters, development and modeling of these same parameters, as well as backup and recovery. Using Linux distributions you have the ability to install MySql Workbench in a variety of ways, including through the official packages. Installing the official Oracle repositories, using the default operating system repositories, or compiling packages from source are all options. So let’s take a quick look at the method of installing a MySQL desktop environment on Arch Linux.

You can install MySql Workbench using a simple program, which will be described below. An important factor is that the package is part of the official Ubuntu repository. The official name of the package is MySQL-workbench, you can install it as follows:

apt-get install mysql-workbench

Then the step that must be completed: then you should go to the main menu and click the MySQL workbench start icon to start the program. The main page will appear after starting the program.

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