Full Management Option for Your Dedicated Server

We would like to draw your attention to the Full Management service for your dedicated server. When choosing this option, this means that we fully assume the responsibilities for:

  • setting up web servers
  • connecting and creating FTP
  • accounts installing programs and packages
  • setting IP addresses
  • basic firewall settings and others
  • server tuning and its performance diagnostics per customer’s request (no more than once a month)
  • private DNS setup
  • databases and DB users creation/deletion
  • website transfer between accounts
  • server variables tuning and .htaccess directives editing/creation
  • logs analyzation and diagnostics of the website issues (based on the server logs)
  • analyzing server high load and lve limits over-usage (if there are such);
  • assistance in your system services tuning.

This option is added to the cost + 60 $ to your selected rate with 6 hours of management included.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the working time does not accumulate and is reset every month. One additional hour cost + 20 $ / mo.

It is also important to note that our manager estimates the approximate working time before work. After which you will be asked to agree with this. Then, the actual work time is calculated. In case it goes beyond the initially specified time (6 hours), it will be debited from your account as an expense. Thus, we reserve the right to request you to top up your balance in the amount required for the advance payment.

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