Cybercrime As One Of The Biggest Threats To Society in 2020

In early 2020, the World Economic Forum (WEF) published an annual report on global risks, and oddly enough, cybercrime was one of the five global risks for all of humanity! Cyber ​​attacks on infrastructure, the destruction of natural ecosystems, extreme heat waves, political polarization and economic confrontations are ranked in the top 5 short-term global risks in the report.

Cybercrime is very high in global risk

According to WEF estimates, cybercrime brings about $ 6 trillion in annual revenue. Corporations such as Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Walmart, and Tesla earn a combined annual revenue of $ 1.28 trillion. These numbers and scales are staggering and very surprising! The most popular cybercrime methods are: blackmail, denial of service and (DDoS) extortion. The ransomware criminal transfers malicious software to the victim’s computer, encrypts the stored data, and requires money to decrypt the contents. A denial of service attack is based on sending excess network traffic to the victim’s computer infrastructure and demanding money to stop it. This works well for many modern corporations whose business runs on digital platforms.

We often use things like smart watches, voice assistants, door cameras, consecration systems, smart personal devices. These devices are very often tools for the theft of personal data, extortion and are at a high level in the lists of criminals. Small businesses that don’t have computer or security experts are also easy targets. As with any other type of crime, the fight against cybercrime never ends. But in fact, governments should consider regulating the devices that people buy and connect to the Internet. Basic security should be the default setting for all products that can be connected to the network.We suggest you familiarize yourself with the link, which sets out some ways to combat cybercrime:

Some of them is:

  • Manage your social media settings
  • Talk to your children about the internet
  • Keep up to date on major security breaches
  • Take measures to help protect yourself against identity theft
  • Use strong passwords

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