New Data Center

Hostry’s virtual servers were located in seven locations, but now is in eight locations! In Europe, we provide the following locations:

  • Netherland (Amsterdam);
  • Ukraine (Kharkov);
  • Latvia (Riga);
  • Bulgaria (Sofia);
  • Czech Republic (Prague);
  • Poland (Gdansk)A completely new location VPS!

Hostry is pleased to announce the launch of a completely new VPS location – Gdansk, Poland. We are doing everything possible to meet the requirements of the market, and now this new location is fully functional and accessible.

Please feel free to order Gdansk VPS from us.

We are also pleased to provide you with Hostry test sites so that you can choose the best location for yourself before ordering a VPS service by checking by: ping, host, mtr and tracerout. Check it please here!

Netherland (Amsterdam):
USA (Dallas):
Ukraine (Kharkov):
Latvia (Riga):
Bulgaria (Sofia):
Singapore (Singapore):
Czech Republic (Prague):
Poland (Gdansk):

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