Hostry offers 40% off Domain Name registration

We’re glad to announce that Hostry is launching Domain Name registration.

Hostry offers over 400 of the most demand and recognizable top-level domains (TLD). Check out domain name availability and choose one that suits your exact needs in just a few steps.

Domain registration is gaining great popularity in the Internet network. Today, more and more people are interested in creating their own personal blog, business, author’s page, online store etc. Internet space is a kind of “OPEN DOOR” to attract customers to your business. By selecting a suitable domain, as well as a Domain zone (to which this article is dedicated), you practically enable the client to find everything needs: whether it is an online store, a news site, or sections on interests (hobbies, sports, art, style and etc.)

Modern man can not imagine life without the Internet. Many people use it every day in various fields and activities. The Internet is very attractive and multifaceted, so many people decided to equip it as a platform for hosting their business. Today in the 21st century, a large number of sellers, using the Internet, make most of their business through the Internet! Companies that do not use e-commerce try to get into the Internet space as soon as possible and to achieve their business not only locally but also on a large scale, that is, through the Internet network.

New service launch means new possibilities.
In that case, Hostry offers you a discount of up to 40%. DNS, CDN, SSL Certificate & WhoisGuard Protection are also available for FREE with any domain you’ll choose.

Hurry up, really good names usually don’t last long in the stock.

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