Hostry launched a new product: PageSpeed Booster plugin for WordPress optimization

Work on creating a site today is very difficult. Especially today, when everyone who makes the site, tries to update it to today’s rhythm of life and make it as interesting and useful as possible for its customers and users.

With all the hard work that you put into building your website, do you know the one thing that can destroy it before it even has a chance?

Speed. Loading speed is essential to your site’s success.

Nowadays having a barely loading website is crucial for Web Search Engines page ranking algorithms. This is why Hostry developed the PageSpeed Booster plugin for WordPress – solution working with globally-distributed edge nodes of presence to speed up data delivery for web resources and apps.

At Hostry, we want your site to reach its potential. This can only be achieved when it is fully optimized for speed and usability.

Try Hostry’s PageSpeed Booster on your WordPress website and see the difference.

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